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Learn about Kashable--A Financial Resource for CAAs with 250 or More Employees
Thursday, November 16, 2017, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
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Kashable is a financial wellness benefit that provides employees with reliable access to voluntary low cost term loans with APRs starting at 6%. Kashable will allow employees who in the past may have only high-priced alternatives for short term borrowing needs to borrow responsibly and pay off their loan in affordable pay period deductions. 
Partnering with employers creates unique efficiencies that allow Kashable to lend to a broad base of employees across all credit spectrums, at a competitive interest rates that are typically below what they can achieve in the open market. We lend employees only what they can afford to payback without feeling a pinch. 
There are a few socially responsible safeguards embedded into the Kashable Program, such as employees can have only one outstanding loan at a time. No continuous roll over of debt. Kashable’s program is designed to enforce payment in full before employees can borrow again. A side benefit to Kashable is that we report to the credit bureaus on a regular basis, so, the timely repayment of the loans through payroll deductions rewards employees and has a positive impact on their credit scores. 
Why offer Kashable? 
· Prevent employees from delaying or avoiding healthcare 
· Help employees preserve retirement income with an alternative to 401k loans 
· Create a more productive work environment 
· Provide the opportunity for employees to rebuild credit 
· Improve employee retention and support financial wellness 

Kashable offers two levels of service: one for organizations of 250 or more employees, and one for smaller agencies. The smaller agencies are charged a monthly per employee fee. Details will be provided at the webinars. To register for the webinar for larger agencies, please click here.